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You can bring It into your own life, and when you do, there will be no one who can take It from you or tell you this or that way is right for you. You are going to know for yourself from direct experience with the Light and Sound of God. When we are able to understand and live in harmony with these universal spiritual laws, life can be a more graceful adventure.

Harold Klemp's book entitled The Spiritual Laws of Life is a wonderful resource and starting point for gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of the many spiritual laws that nourish us, one and all—Laws of Wisdom, Freedom, and Charity or Divine Love. No one can stop Bob from ignoring gravity, but neither can Bob stop gravity from giving him an impressive collection of broken bones.

There are no alternatives. Anyone insisting differently would have to be delusional.

50 Universal Laws That Affect Reality - Law of Attraction

So, why is it that every day, billions upon billions of people insist on believing something just as delusional—and even more dangerous? The same God who established physical laws also established a set of spiritual laws that are just as real and just as important.

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For millennia, the human race has approached the law of God the same way our dear friend Bob approached gravity—and the impact has left us reeling. Like gravity, the law of God is constant and unchanging. It does what it does all day, every day. No exceptions.

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And like the equations that scientists use to model gravity, the instructions God gives us in the Bible help us understand how to interact with the spiritual world around us. Changing or reinterpreting these instructions has no effect on the spiritual forces they describe—it just makes the instructions wrong. Jesus and many, many other spiritual teachers! Jesus, like so many others, did NOT come to the earth plane to establish another religion. Nor did Jesus want to set Himself up as an icon of sorts, that we mere mortals found it impossible to follow in His footsteps.

Spiritual Laws of God - 7 Power Laws

Jesus is our brother, from the very same Source as us. The difference is, that He came forth into the physical realm with the deliberate intention His Mission of teaching the Universal Laws to His brothers and sisters who were in the physical so that we might have a more abundant in body, mind and spirit life while here on earth. Jesus came to the earth plane to help us live these physical lives while first,understanding the rules of engagement. This was His Mission. Jesus could no longer be a mere on-looker when it came to man-kind. He could not just stand back and allow mankind to suffer as they did and still do without re-introducing the impersonal Laws that brought about man's getting what he gets while in the physical.

Jesus was and still is a very active Master Teacher who knows that most of mankind has forgotten and abandoned the very basic laws that they intended to come here to personally perfect. He is, again, through various avenues, imparting these laws to those on earth who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.


When we worship God exclusively in what we deem as religious ceremonies, once or twice a week, we are actually distorting the original teachings of our God, imparted to mankind. When we are in that joyful, loving, appreciative state It is difficult, for many, though, to feel the joy and the satisfaction of this lifetime because it appears that they are not getting a lifetime worth of joy.

There is much suffering on this earth today. Would it not be to your benefit to learn the ancient secrets and then apply them to your own modern lifetime? God is the creator of our Universe and with that, He is also the creator of the Universal Laws.

God also understands that it was in the nature of humans to personify that which we call God. God's universal laws have been ignored and replaced by worship of that which we call God. I am not saying that God does not exist I will repeat and shout it on high, "Our God is an awesome God He is not a being that has human qualities, like an ego that needs stroked through the worship of Him.

He is in no need whatsoever, to be worshipped by humans or any other being. God is not a respecter of man, but of the spirit that dwells within each of us. God is just that, an awesome God who is devoid of ego, which is a very big part of the human psyche. God does not want us to idolize Him or any other being past or present in the way that our current religions have demanded. God knows that when the individual spirit is empowered with the understanding of the Universal Principles, then, that individual will expand his own consciousness which will ultimately add unto the consciousness of All THAT IS We have a very symbionic relationship with God.

He wants us to experience all facets of life because when we expand our own awareness The beginning of that expanded aware-ness for the Human Species is the understanding of one the Universal Principles which is called many things, but " WE " are calling it the Law of Attraction This is an extremely important Law of the Universe I am repeating quite often on this website, as I am a Hypnotherapist, and know the value of the repetition of valuable suggestions!

Before we think, speak or act, we need to pause for just a moment and quickly ask ourselves if WE would want whatever in our own lives We are the creator of our own reality, good and bad Everything that we think, say or do repeatedly We create by thinking and then acting upon what we are thinking either consciously or by default. At that point, we wonder Ha, been there, done that