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The order may also be reversed, opening with a question mark and closing with an exclamation mark. Nonetheless, even here the Academia recommends matching punctuation: [13]. Galician also uses the inverted opening question mark, though usually only in long sentences or in cases that would otherwise be ambiguous. Basque only uses the terminal question mark. It appeared around the same time as the Latin one, in the 8th century.

Some browsers may display the character in the previous sentence as a forward question mark due to font or text directionality issues. The Arabic question mark is also used in some other right to left scripts: Thaana , N'Ko , and Syriac.

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Hebrew and Yiddish are also written right-to-left, but they use a question mark that appears on the page in the same orientation as the Roman-alphabet question mark. The question mark is also used in modern writing in Chinese and Japanese , although it is not strictly necessary in either. French usage must include a narrow non-breaking space before the question mark for example, " Que voulez-vous boire? See also: Plenken. The rhetorical question mark or percontation point was invented by Henry Dunham in the s and was used at the end of a rhetorical question ; however, its use died out in the 17th century.

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It was the reverse of an ordinary question mark, so that instead of the main opening pointing back into the sentence, it opened away from it. The percontation point is analogous to the irony mark , but those are even more rarely seen. Bracketed question marks can be used for rhetorical questions, for example Oh, really? For an ironic or sarcastic statement, a bracketed exclamation mark may be used: Oh, really!

The question mark can also be used as a meta -sign to signal uncertainty regarding what precedes it. It is usually put between brackets:? The uncertainty may concern either a superficial level such as unsure spelling , or a deeper truth real meaning.

? Question mark? What is the question? Asking questions? Question mark. Thank you. The end.

The question mark is often utilized as a wildcard character : a symbol that can be used to substitute for any other character or characters in a string. In particular "? In recent XFree86 and X. Org incarnations of the X Window System , it can be accessed as a compose sequence of two straight question marks, i. In computer programming , the symbol "? In C -descended languages,? In OCaml , the question mark precedes the label for an optional parameter. In Scheme , as a convention, symbol names ending in? Similarly, in Ruby , method names ending in? In Swift , a type followed by?

In APL ,? In Rust , a? In many Web browsers and other computer programs, when converting text between encodings, it may not be possible to map some characters into the target character set.

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In this situation it is common to replace each unmappable character with a question mark? This commonly occurs for apostrophes and quotation marks when they are written with software that uses its own proprietary non-standard code for these characters, such as Microsoft Office 's "smart quotes".

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  6. The generic URL syntax allows for a query string to be appended to a resource location in a Web address so that additional information can be passed to a script; the query mark,? Here, a script on the page search. Incorrect: I'm asking if you will go with me? Rule 2a. A question mark replaces a period at the end of a sentence.

    Rule 2b. Because of Rule 2a, capitalize the word that follows a question mark. Example: Will you go with me? Rule 3a. Avoid the common trap of using question marks with indirect questions , which are statements that contain questions. Use a period after an indirect question.

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    Incorrect: I wonder if he would go with me? Correct: I wonder if he would go with me. OR I wonder: Would he go with me? Rule 3b. Some sentences are statements—or demands—in the form of a question. However, each shows the end of a different type of statement:. The main function of a question mark is to show the end of a question.

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    The question can either be part of direct speech which quotes the actual words someone said in a conversation :. I asked the assistant if she had any books about bird-watching. The main role of a full stop also called a full point is to indicate the end of a sentence:.

    Her father was a diplomat ; her mother was a doctor.