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Review of the latest pronouncements of the judicial doctrine of the Employment Chamber of the Madrid Supreme Court of Justice regarding bonuses. Analysis of the two CJEU judgments of 21 September and modifications of employment conditions: More modifications of interpretation or no modification? Romania app. The Labour Chamber of the Supreme Court recently passed a judgement for doctrine unification resolving a termination of employment contract due to objective reasons economic with a favourable outcome for the complainant employee.

Analysis of the judgment of the High Court of Justice of Galicia of 7 April in relation to the need to pay particular attention to the wording of all types of document capable of giving rise to disputes when applied in practice. The calculation unit: the establishment and the undertaking.

Regarding the Supreme Court Judgement issued in unification of case-law on 6 April Analysis of the judgment of the Supreme Court of 23 February on the annulling of the collective agreement of Adaptalia. Employer's obligation to provide a canteen or alternative if employees do not have two hours off. Your use of this website is subject to the terms and conditions governing it. Please read these terms and conditions before using the website.

Andersen Global. Employment Law and Social Security. Start of main content Companies doing business globally face additional legal obstacles posed by European and Spanish employment law. Services Corporate Special employment relations, with particular reference to the drafting and negotiation of senior executive contracts, including situations affecting directors.

Advice on the creation of employment relations, hiring of employees and senior executives, regular freelance workers and training contracts. Commencement of activity and opening of workplaces. Oversight of taking over of workforces in commercial operations.

Pension, Social Security Law No. 7 explained

Planning and review of remuneration policy. Advice on the alteration of contractual conditions. Handling of relations between company and staff, including collective bargaining. Industrial disputes. Advice on employment measures to be adopted by employers in difficulties. Advice on termination of employment.

Individual and collective. Advice on Social Security obligations.

Pensions and end of service benefits - The Official Portal of the UAE Government

Expatriate and foreign non-domiciled employees. Monitoring of compliance with employment obligations, in particular as regards workplace hazards. Employment Due Diligence. Preparation of legal reports. Local bodies Workforce analysis. Analysis of remuneration policy. Staff budget preparation. Advice on hiring. Advice in relation to work positions. Preparation of work position evaluations.

Elimination of work positions. Negotiation of collective agreements. Strategic human resources planning. Strategic Human Resource Management Workforce planning and adaptation of size and organisation to the employer's production needs. Design of training plans suited to each activity.

Salary and remuneration policies incentive plans, deferred remuneration, stock options, etc. Creation of target-linked incentive plans. Development of measures to encourage staff loyalty. Monitoring of the capacity of each employee for the optimization of human resources. Employment law procedures Examination and analysis of contingencies deriving from claims by employees, the public authorities or third parties. Out-of-court negotiation. Court representation. Work - reduction procedures.

Employment & labour law in the UAE

Are emails documentary evidence in an employment lawsuit? Join now. The United Arab Emirates are a federation of seven territories: like many other aspects, social security in the UAE is regulated by federal law. Labor laws mostly cover working conditions in the UAE, only touching upon social security in the UAE as they refer to related benefits for employees as well. The Dubai Financial International Centre , for example, has its own employment law, whose policies are more generous than federal regulations.

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Local regulations for specific emirates can also supersede federal laws for social security in the UAE. For the sizable expat population, though, it is essential to know that retirement pensions and other provisions such as financial support for widows and orphans are generally reserved for Emirati citizens. Expats can partly compensate with private insurance plans tied to their current employment. The most important part of social security in the UAE is the old-age pension for retired workers and employees.

Upon reaching the official retirement age usually 60 years for Emiratis , they are entitled to a pension: based on their average salary during the last few years of employment and the number of years they have paid contributions for.


Its social security regulations are not quite the same as those mandated in federal law. Again, it is important to note whom this framework for social security in the UAE excludes. The pension funds only extend to UAE nationals in dependent employment. Business owners, freelancers, and self-employed professionals are not included, regardless of nationality. Furthermore, no foreign nationals — no matter what they do for a living — are covered by public pension plans. The good news is that, according to UAE law, foreign employees are entitled to a lump-sum end-of-service payment once they have finished their job. The exact amount depends on the number of years they have been working for this company, as well as varying provisions in federal vs.

In Abu Dhabi, for instance, the end-of-service benefit paid to an expat employee after five years with their current employer is one and a half monthly salaries for each year, i. In addition to the end-of-service benefit, many employers in the UAE offer private pension schemes to their expat workforce.

This is by no means mandatory, but plenty of companies want to improve the working conditions for expatriates and give themselves an advantage in recruiting. They will be paid in cash when the employee retires or leaves the company. However, if a contract is terminated early, the employee may only be able to retrieve their own contributions, but may lose those made by their employer. If you are planning to work in the UAE, please get professional advice concerning your future finances first. Sometimes, you might be able to keep contributing to both national pension schemes and private retirement plans in your home country.


Then you should find a way of putting aside roughly the same amount of money and contributing to a different pension scheme while living in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. When it comes to public health insurance in the UAE , both Emirati nationals and citizens of other GCC member states enjoy free access to public hospitals and clinics. Again, this coverage does not include any other foreign nationals. Expats should make sure to take out health insurance when moving to the UAE.

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Abu Dhabi and Dubai, however, have introduced compulsory health insurance schemes for all expats working there. Their local employer has to offer them a private insurance package for the duration of their job. This law has been in effect in Abu Dhabi since , and similar measures are being rolled out in Dubai, to be finalized in the course of Nonetheless, you should keep a few things in mind: Firstly, these benefits mostly cover the employee only. Dependent family members are not necessarily included, though some companies may offer it as an additional incentive.