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About Us. Newsletter Sign Up. Newsletter Archive. Membership Details Marketing Opportunities. North York Moors. Scarborough Arts, Culture and History. Coastal Villages. Location Brimley Road. Cornell House As part of the Scarborough Museum, the Cornell House offers a look at rural village life circa and is furnished to depict that time period. McCowan Log House The McCowan Log House has been restored and furnished to portray the life of local settlers in the s, and was constructed in the s. Statement of Significance. Scarborough Museum interprets local rural and immigrant experiences, and is situated within a significant heritage landscape.

The Museum is located in a heritage community near the historic Highland Creek, and is also close to two notable Aboriginal archaeological sites, the Iroquoian Village at Birkdale Ravine to the west, and Tabor Hill Ossuary to the east. Scarborough Museum was established in the hamlet of Bendale, within the historic Thomson Settlement.

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This was the first permanent settlement in the township, and is recognized as a culturally significant district by the Ontario Heritage Trust. This area has ties to the past with 19th century architecture and properties along St. The TRCA has formed an Environmental Stewardship Program for the Highland Creek Watershed, and is working to establish a community Task Force to direct the development of a watershed strategy and compose a vision for the future of the natural resource.

The Museum was established on land that was owned by the first European inhabitants in the area, David and Mary Thomson.

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The site consists of two 19th century houses as well as additional buildings and collections that interpret the history of settlement and rural life in Scarborough since the early s. Scarborough Museum consists of buildings that have been relocated from various heritage settlements in Scarborough, as well as a small scale representation of a local historic structure.

This area was once part of a acre farm that was owned by David and Mary Thomson. David and Mary settled in the area in the late 18th century, and patented their Scarborough property in Members of the family became prominent landholders in the township, and significant figures in the history of Toronto, Scarborough, and Upper Canada. The Cornell farmhouse was built for Charles and Matilda Cornell in The house was inhabited by members of the Cornell family until , when William and Frances Lye purchased the property and opened the Lye Organ and Piano Works.

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The building was saved from demolition in through the intervention of the Scarborough Historical Society and local Lions Clubs, who raised the funds to move the house to the newly established Thomson Memorial Park, where it became the first component of the Museum. The Scottish immigrant William Porteous McCowan settled in Scarborough with his parents and siblings in the early 19th century and purchased acres on Lot 13 in He moved into the existing log house with his mother and sister, and continued to farm the land and raise livestock until his death in The house fell into disuse in the s and s, and was finally moved to Thomson Memorial Park by the Scarborough Historical Society in On-site documents include primary source materials such as transcripts of interviews with local inhabitants and historic photographs, as well as administrative files and an online artefact inventory.

go here The Scarborough Museum artefact collection contains over objects dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. The majority of the collection consists of materials that were purchased from or donated by local families, and represent the various rural experiences and lifestyles interpreted at the Museum. In addition a collection of over tools donated by the Hough family is exhibited on site, in a building that is a smaller representation of the original two storey Hough Carriage works. Architectural Value Cornell House was likely constructed in by a local builder and local carpenters.

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Bill and Frances Lye carried out a number of major renovations to the interior after , including the extension of the pantry, the replacement of the pantry wall and wood panelling in the dining room, and the installation of a modern fireplace and air vents in the parlour. In , a stream of acidic water was discovered, running down from the cliffs just to the south of the town centre. A Spa was rapidly established, and became wildly fashionable after the publication of a book about Spa waters, written by Dr Wittie.

Soon Scarborough was attracting hosts of holidaymakers, who came to take the waters, and stayed to bathe in the sea.

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  5. The first modesty-preserving wheeled bathing machines were invented in Scarborough in , which was at the forefront of the Victorian seaside holiday boom. The Grand Hotel in Scarborough was built to accommodate the guests who poured into the town and, when it was completed in , it was one of the largest and grandest hotels in the world. Scarborough was soon established as the see-and-be-seen holiday destination in the north of England, and its popularity has continued right up to the modern day.