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JAMES GLANZ Of Physics, Friendship and Nazi Germany's Atomic Bomb and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project, A Study in German Culture Werner Heisenberg, a German theoretical physicist, proposed in

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Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published February 7th by Moody Publishers first published More Details Original Title. Bonnets and Bugles 8. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Encounter at Cold Harbor , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Encounter at Cold Harbor. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

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Sort order. Jul 18, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: personal. Getting lost in a sandstorm? It all happens to Dixie Morris when she and Aunt Sarah are given tickets to "anywhere the airline flies. The next generation of Stuarts has everything they could want. But with determination, they scatter to pursue their individual dreams. America's economy is booming after World War II, and th When two young Winslow cousins arrive in New York, they both seek to make their way to success. Peter Winslow throws himself into the world of car racing. But he is When Dixie's parents go to Africa, she stays with her Aunt Sarah, a circus veterinarian, who becomes the caretaker for Dolly, a gorilla who knows sign language, and Dixie finds herself helping the gorilla get a pet cat Did any girl ever have such an exciting home?

Dixie Morris goes to live with her aunt. And Aunt Sarah is a doctor for the animals of the Royal Circus! Dixie meets the jugglers, the acrobats, the clowns. She makes friends with the circus's wild ani Something evil lurks beneath the shimmering city of Merlina Dangerous wizards have taken over several small planets in a far corner of the galaxy but without the use of modern weapons of any kind. What's going on out there? While some of the Daystar Dixie Morris needs a friend. Aunt Edith is not friendly. The hired man is not friendly. Nobody at school is friendly.

Ollie Peck certainly isn't friendly! Then Dixie meets Jumbo, the runaway circus elephant. And Jumbo is friendly. The problem Jerusha Ericson's got a problem. She's a strong, self-confident, and capable ensign at the Intergalactic Academy.

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Or at least she was, until she got expelled. Now her lifelong dream of being an Academy graduate has abruptly came to an end, a Micah Bradford, a The sound of gunfire has ended and wedding bells are ringing. No more fighting. No more wounded soldiers. Now it's on to the 'happily ever after.

The time has come. Goel, friend and leader of the Seven Sleepers, decides to send his teenage servants on one last mission before the great, final battle with the Dark Lord. Meantime, in his frightful tower, the Dark Lord hears some good news. While the fires burn in Atlanta, love burns in the hearts of both Yankees and Rebels.

After seeing the way Jeff looks at pretty little Lucy Driscoll, Leah fears she's lost his interest forever. She's got a plan that will make him green with jealousy All of her life Priscilla Winslow had yearned for what she now had -- the theater, New York City, fancy clothes. But despite all of the adoring audiences, Far across the Atlantic, the drums of war are pounding.

Along with most Americans, the Stuart family is busy living life, oblivious to the growing threat overseas -- until the attack on Pearl Ha David Rocklin enlists in the Confederate army to impress a young woman, but his aspirations crumble when he realizes he does not have the courage to be a soldier. Afraid for his life, David runs away from the army, only to face deteriorating health.

Encounter at Cold Harbor

As the battles of the Civil War rage on, the Confederate army finds itself further and further behind. So many men are wounded, and the new recruits are looking either too old or too young. But the Northern invasion of Virginia isn't the only problem Something strange and terrible has been happening in Nuworld. Some of God's most trusted servants have disappeared- simply vanished With only a list of the missing persons and a secret password, God has sent the Seven Sleepers on another mission: "F How would the Sleepers rescue this beautiful woman, helpless against her foes, tied to a tree and facing certain death?

After a successful ambush, the Seven Sleepers find that she is anything but helpless. Leah's brother Royal has returned from the Civil war battlefields but has found himself engaged in a battle of a different sort - a battle for a lady's affection. The lady is the beautiful Lori Jenkins of Chattanooga, and the enemy is the dastardly D Turn-of-the-century New York City a place of opportunity, deception, and phenomenal need As America makes its ascent as a world power, three young daughters of Winslow come to bustling New York City in seeking careers and direction for their li After the tumultuous s, the Stuart family and the rest of America must grapple with a terrible turn of events: the Great Depression.

While grateful for what they have, the Stuarts have to watch carefully lest times get even harder. When Jerry Stu In order to earn money to help their sick younger brother and in hopes of locating their missing father, twins Danny and Dixie Fortune agree to further test their uncles' Chrono-Shuttle by traveling back to the time of the French and Indian War and m How lucky can they get?

It's relaxation time, and the Seven Sleepers are vacationing on an ocean-going ship. How much trouble can they get into on vacation? Almost before they can sort out what's happening, Josh, Sarah, and their friends find themsel A blockade-running sea captain, a beautiful rebel spy, a gunboat in hot pursuit, and the words of Scripture hitting like a hammer al Two young men united by blood but divided by loyalties court the affections of Jeanne Corbeau in a conflict that allows no neutrals.

Dake Bradford was a blazing American patriot wh Well, most of them are, but not Abbey- not this time. How can Abbey know that she is about to Jeff faces one difficulty after another as he serves as a drummer boy in the Confederate Army, all while wrestling with personal issues of faith, and meeting Christians in unexpected ways. Meanwhile, Leah is receiving the unexpected attention from a But he could not shake the bitter sti Frank Rocklin avoids formal conscription into the Federal army only to serve the North as a spy in a theater troupe touring behind enemy lines.

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Family loyalties are torn as they accuse him of being a Southern sympathizer. But will his love for a Sout The Sleepers' only hope: to free these flying men from the Dark Lord's evil power Jim Reno ventures into the Dakota Territory to find Simon Meade's son, who was abducted by Indians when he was a young child.

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Reno finds Lone Wolf--as Jason Meade calls himself--who reluctantly returns with Reno to his father's house. Lone Wolf has p Follows the Stuart family through the s as single mother Lylah signs a movie contract with Cecil B. DeMille, sister Lenora is thrown from a horse on the family farm in Arkansas, and eldest grandson Jerry becomes a stunt pilot As the Civil War rages, young Leah Carter moves with her ailing uncle Silas to what townspeople believe is a haunted house.

But what she finds is even more frightening-something that sorely challenges her faith and strengthens her relationship with J Lylah, Amos, and Owen Stuart long for adventure. Conning from a large family with eight children, the three eldest of the Stuart clan want to spread their wings Leah travels to Washington D. Jeff briefly joins them and travels north into Union territory to search for his captured father.

Later, Leah and her sister Sarah travel south to Richmond, in Confede Join the Seven Sleepers on another adventure filled with swords, shields, and knights! When the situation grows dim, the Seven Sleepers call upon the power of Goel to fight the servants of the Dark Lord Late in , Cassidy Winslow leaves his family's ranch in Wyoming to pursue his own fortunes but is hardly prepared for life in New York.

He hates his job and tires of Jeff Majors and Leah Carter share a sorrowful goodbye as the Civil War brings a heartbreaking separation of friends. Despite being on opposite sides of the War, Jeff and Leah vow to stay friends forever and see each other through battle after battle, Lowell Rocklin accepts a challenge to help the South build a balloon for use in military strategy. His efforts are aided by Rooney Smith, a young woman whose ingenuity proves invaluable.

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Suddenly, double tragedy strikes: Seriously injured in battle, Laurie Winslow longed to make her dream of becoming a writer come true, and Wilson College in Omaha seemed to offer what her career required. But when funds run out and disillus In a powerful and compelling story of lost hope and second chances, A Time to Heal unfolds a drama of brutal violence and inner peace, of broken hearts and rebuilt lives. It continues the chronicles of Liberty, Georgia's residents, so captivatingly t With fast-paced action, this favorite author blazes a trail to the Ozarks, where the Buck brothers make a home for themselves after their parents' death.

Their outrageous capers lead to lessons about friendship, honesty, and faith in God Series premiere special price! Linking t Fourteen-year-old Joshua Adams wakes from a fifty-year sleep to find that he has escaped nuclear war -- and that the genetically altered races of Earth now hail his awakening as the first fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. For of old it was sung th But it would be several disappointing years before this son of Sky a Haunted by nightmares after killing a criminal in self-defense, Danielle is unsure of her abilities as an investigator.

But her sleuthing skills are suddenly put to the test when her partner is brutally attacked while involved in a case of which Dani Vince Franklin, intent on inheriting the family fortune, enlists the aid of Jake Hardin. When Jake falls in love with Vince's sister, both men face the most important spiritual decision of their lives But the final defeat on the field of battle was far less painful than the personal defeat he en As newly appointed deputy, Reno must face the death threats of a bloodthirsty saloon owner and a sinister gunslinger.

Marshal Jesse Lindsey has done his best to keep the peace in Rimrock.

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But the marshal is showing his age, and the wild frontier town Specially packaged for leisure reading and Christmas gift-giving, a three-volume boxed set of compelling Danielle Ross mysteries. Bright, young P. Dani Ross and her partner Ben Savage solve crimes and murder cases in these suspenseful stories that Barney Winslow had walked away from his family with a bitterness and a rage that well fit a prizefighter.

He had never measured up to his father's expectations and long ago he'd l Headed for But when he is sent hom Danielle Ross, a minister and the owner of a detective agency, is kidnapped while working on a case and imprisoned with an assortment of other victims, and must figure out why they were chosen by the people who kidnapped them When her husband, Captain Vance Wickham, is killed at the Battle of Sharpsburg, Belle Wickham vows revenge and makes arrangements to act as a Confederate spy while staying with her Yankee grandfather Captain Whitfield Winslow From the first Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth, the dynamic sage of the Winslow family has traced the forces that shaped early American history and its people.

As the nation expan Nathan fights to keep the hopes of the The Indentured Heart opens another chapter in the compelling saga of the Winslow family.

Pre-Revolutionary America was stirring the flames for freedom and the Great Awakening under Jonathan Edwards was renewing a nation's spiritual values. Adam Win Her pilgrim family had nurtured her in an atmosphere of religious and political freedom -- now enemies of that freedom threatened her very life! Forced by his family to become a minister in the Church of England, Gilbert Winslow is offered a dangerous and chal We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

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