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Made of 3D molded nylon. Comes in plain nylon, too. If you know a little book lover who enjoys curling up in their bed or on the couch and reading a good story, you should think about adding this one to their home library. Filled with delightful drawings that are visually engaging and inspiring, this bedtime treat, written and artfully illustrated by B. This seek-and-find activity book will be a pleasure to read night after night for both kids and adults.

10 Free Toddler Crochet Hat Patterns

This warm, crocheted woolen hat has a fun fringe detail on top. Adds loads of personality to the ordinary puffy coat—and sparks imaginary play on the playground. This seller offers the hat in six styles, including a dragon version. To buy: Available at garnethill. How many times do your kids beg to play I Spy on long road trips?

Now you can take this version of the timeless game, based on the best-selling book series, indoors for family game night. Pick a card and hunt down an item from the card on the game board. There are eight different game boards so your family can play over and over without repetition a great bonus for your own level of enjoyment.

This is the ideal match for your puzzle-loving kid.

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The ball takes a regular 2-D maze and gives it a new spin literally! The ball comes in three different challenge levels easy, medium, and hard and will engross the most Nintendo 3DS-obsessed kid. We bet it will even capture the attention of other family members. You delight in covering your baby with hugs and kisses.

And they are easy to clean when they get dirty. When he gets too old for rattles you can repurpose these as Tic-Tac-Toe pieces. The hand-made rattles are a luxurious pick for your little one. Have a child or tween obsessed with outer space? Each one of these handmade lollipops looks like a miniature planet ready to be licked away into oblivion. These candies are too far-out to be relegated to hiding inside a gift box. Tuck one under the ribbons on each of her gifts or stick a few in her Christmas stocking.

Each set includes the sun and nine planets yes, Pluto is once again a planet in this set. Each different planetary body comes in its own gourmet flavor—marshmallow for the sun, cotton candy for Earth, and key lime for Jupiter. With these beautiful, untreated natural wood blocks. They are a huge step up from the old-school alphabet blocks you had as a kid.

The white letters and numbers on each side of the blocks are in a modern sans-serif font. Best of all, the blocks come in a linen drawstring bag, which makes clean up so easy that even a toddler can do it with help, of course.

These blocks are so pretty, though, you might not mind keeping them on display on the coffee table for some impromptu educational play. Toddlers everywhere will enjoy this twist on classic wooden blocks. Instead of letters, these eco-friendly blocks feature numbers. To make it easier for little learners to understand what concept a number represents, the blocks are illustrated with images of hands and fingers that match the numeral. After playing with these blocks your kid will surely be able to tell people she meets her age by holding up her fingers.

And really, what is cuter than a 3-year-old holding up three fingers when asked her age? Any child who likes to play dress-up with your old clothes will love this one-of-a-kind paper doll. This is no cartoonish mermaid.

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Instead, this enchanting girl is a print from an original full-color drawing. She comes with her requisite mermaid tail, along with several different outfits. The items require hand-cutting to get them ready for play, so a grownup might need to be on hand before starting on this project. But once you see the finished product you might decide she deserves to be framed for a bedroom wall instead of being handled by little fingers.

Your daughter is her own unique self: She wears a cape instead of a coat, she sketches instead of doing arts and crafts, and she longs for a pet squirrel instead of a dog. These sweet plush cotton dolls each have their own kooky sense of style, which they express with fun accessories, like a comic book, laptop, or messenger bag.

The inch dolls fit with most standard doll furniture. Available in four different personalities, with one that will hopefully be a good match for your special girl. As much as you love to kiss those little baby toes, now is the time of year to keep them snug and warm. These recycled cotton-polyester blend socks and coordinating hat sets are a cute and eco-friendly way to keep baby warm.

The hats are made to fit newborns and up to six months old, but the socks will fit up to 18 months of age. The stretchy socks are great for year-round use, and the hats will keep baby cozy through spring. The sets come in seven machine-washable stripe and color options. Future architects and visionaries will delight in this easy-to-use tool that makes models and monsters out of thin sticks of plastic. Melted inside the pen and cool to the touch within seconds, these sticks can be transformed into works of art by kids from ages 8 to ! Trace an existing image to make it come to life in 3D, or build a freehand model of the Eiffel tower or an imaginary alien—the possibilities are endless.

A little labor-intensive, but what an awesome gift! This dragon scarf pattern comes with over color photos and is sure to be a hit with anyone on your list who likes a little bit of fantasy or sci-fi in their life. The dragon pattern is very customizable, right down to the facial features.

Recommended for intermediate or advanced crocheters. There are so many excellent TV shows and movies out right now, and crochet is such a great medium for this kind of thing. Here are some of my favorites:. Link to pattern: Ood Ski Mask free Ravelry download.

I have many friends myself included who are Dr. Who parties and count down the days to the season premiers. With the newest season just starting, Dr.

Ravelry: Store: Luz Patterns

Who is picking up more and more fans each week. If one of your men friends enjoys the show, this Ood mask is a pretty awesome gift. Link to pattern: Blue Police Box Throw free.

Who, here is another great gift or your favorite Whovian. A blanket is admittedly a lot larger than some of the other gifts, but the ease of using just a few colors and the clean geometric lines makes this an easy enough pattern to be finished in time for the holidays. Har har, excuse the pun!

eBooks available as Ravelry Downloads

There are some other TARDIS-style crochet patterns on that link as well, including a miniature version of this full-sized one, so check out the one that best suits your preference. Link to pattern: Mini R2D2 free. My kids are obsessed with R2D2 right now. So I have a few R2D2 items in my crochet queue right now. This is one of my favorites. Including mine. Link to pattern: Mario Brothers Mushrooms.

How cute are these? If the guy on your gifting list grew up playing Mario Brothers in any format, he might love these adorable 1-Up Mario Mushrooms. They also make a great conversation piece. Link to pattern: Crooked Coffee Cozy free. If the guy on your list goes out for coffee a lot, a cozy is a great way to personalize his cup while keeping his fingers from getting hot.

Boys' Knitting Patterns

It doubles for keeping cold drinks cold too — so it would go well with his favorite six-pack! Whichever his preference, this pattern is quite easy, and would be great for beginning crocheters. This is also fast to whip up, making it a good choice for a last minute gift. Link to pattern: Crochet Mug Cozy free.

If his preference tends toward coffee at home in the morning with his favorite mug rather than going out for a cup, this mug cozy pattern is a great fit. It allows you to alter the size so it snugly wraps around the mug of choice perfectly. The pattern page contains lots of photos to help guide your project. Link to pattern: Rainbow Stripes Tablet or Phone free. Is the guy on your list glued to his phone or tablet?