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How are global patterns of faunal turnover expressed at regional scales? Vol: 23 Bontti, Eliana E. Bonuso, Nicole; Bottjer, David J. A quantitative study of benthic faunal patterns within the Pennsylvanian and early Permian. A test of biogeographical, environmental, and ecological effect on Middle and Late Triassic brachiopod and bivalve abundance patterns. Boone, Christopher G. Environmental justice, sustainability and vulnerability. International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development. Vol: 2 Connecting environmental justice, sustainability, and vulnerability.

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An ontology-driven framework for data transformation in scientific workflows. Bowers, Shawn; Delcambre, L.

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Incremental navigation: Providing simple and generic access to heterogeneous structures. On integrating scientific resources through semantic registration. Actor-oriented design of scientific workflows. Data procurement for enabling scientific workflows: On exploring inter-ant parasitism. Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge. Towards automatic generation of semantic types in scientific workflows. A calculus for propagating semantic annotations through scientific workflow queries.

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The importance of size in understanding the early evolution of physiology in the vascular plant lineage. Vol: 34 2. Boyce, Mark; Haridas, Chirakkal V. Demography in an increasingly variable world. Vol: 21 3. Boyer, Denis; Walsh, Peter D.

Busou Renkin - Chapter 70: The Determination To Protect What's Important To The End

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