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Thanks for this review. I haven't heard of Beckwith, but I've always wanted to visit the Hebrides. I'll have to track down the books. Perhaps I should get to it!

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Thank you for the review. And I didn't realize The Book Depository offered free delivery worldwide! Post a Comment. Blogs I'm watching Agatha Christie Carnival. Another contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books theme.

Lillian Beckwith's Hebridean Tales

One of the very first "adult" series that I read in the days before I became a crime fiction addict was Lillian Beckwith's Hebridean books. Maggie-Now P.

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Making it in France: A saga of life in Normandy. Mandy Bell at School. Mary, Queen of Scots. Masters of Rome Vespasian Series Book 5. My Family and Other Animals. My Friend Annie My Friends My Friend Flora My Friends My Friend Monica My Friends My Friend Muriel My Friends My Friend Sashie My Friends My Friend the Swallow My Friends My Friends from Cairnton My Friends My Friends the Mrs. Millers My Friends My secret life: Complete volumes. Nazi Literature in the Americas.

Bruach Blend

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Requiem for Sara. Restoration Vintage Past. Reunion Vintage Past. Revolution of the Moon, The.

Rome's Executioner Vespasian Series Book 2. Running from safety. Second Chance.

The Eclectic Book Gatherer : Lillian Beckwith's Tales of Life On a Remote Hebridean Croft

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The Black Douglas Trilogy. The Book of Embraces Norton Paperback. The Breaking of the Shell. The Bridal Chair. The Bridge accross forever. The Chaperone. The Church Across the Street: A 's childhood. The Cottingley Secret: A Novel. Dorothea's story interlinks powerfully and tantalisingly with that of Lydgate's, a doctor, who joins her for a some of her journey towards making sense of her role in the world, both as a woman and as an idealist. It is Charlotte's first night at boarding school.

But when she wakes up, the girl in the next bed is not the person who was sleeping there the evening before. And the new building outside her window seems to have metamorphosed into a huge, dark cedar tree! Somehow, Charlotte has slipped back forty years A classic time travel mystery from acclaimed author Penelope Farmer.

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  8. Here is a BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Jane Austen's perceptive study of middle class morals and mores in the 19th century. Prilla, the newest fairy to arrive in Neverland, is so odd that Neverland itself isn't certain whether to let her into Fairy Haven. Prilla shakes hands when she meets other fairies, and she says "Pleased to meet you", instead of "Fly with you".

    What's more, she calls Tinker Bell Miss Bell. Altogether, she acts more like a Clumsy than a self-respecting Never fairy should.

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    Scottish poetry is a powerful, beautiful expression of Country and Culture. This volume of poetry is a perfect compendium of the words and works of Scotland.