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Thank you again.

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Jamie said:. Much appreciated.. I think once the links are fixed the gravatar works now , your readership will increase because of the excellent content in your blog. I am a newbie at blogging, at venturing to say things in an entertaining way, at traveling solo, at being me and giving no excuses. Though as you may have imagined, I am not a newbie when it comes to life in chronological years. I love that I have stumbled across the vintage crowd. Been reading a lot of blogs and as interesting and fun as they were, they were a bit young.

I am not and I find relating to a lot of what you say. Thanks for sharing in such a delightful way! Good morning! Thanks for your always uplifting and well crafted blogs! I tagged you if you would like to play! Worrywart said:. I find your blog very intriguing. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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The name alone got my attention. Great job! Thanks, I worked hard on that name:- Reply. Hi, thanks for your comments on My Daily Jog Reply.

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I loved that post — everyone go read it now! Darlington said I thank Patrice for turning me on to your blog : Reply. And then you had a heart attack two hours later! And yes, those two gifts you received, ugh. Maybe the epiphany is that there is no epiphany. I like that.

Sorry about the US restriction. Mailing cost gets outlandish. Thank you for sharing anyway. Appreciate it. I would like to learn more and sign up for a chance at getting a free copy of your heart book.


I love your quote about being in a foriegn country and not knowing the language. This is exactly how I am feeling while figuring out my way through this breast cancer diagnosis. I could really use a tour guide to help me navigate through this trip or at least a map and dictionary. I have some major concerns about my heart health in addition to my breast cancer. This sounds like something that would be super helpful. This lifesaving information should be in the hands of every woman, every cardiologist, every emergency room and every EMT.

My sister-in-law was told she was having a panic attack, and died in the ambulance of a heart attack.

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Pat, I agree about the importance of this book. I am so sorry to hear about what happened with your sister-in-law. That is very sad. My condolences. Thank you for sharing that and thank you for entering my giveaway.

Thank you for raising this. Some of the comments were especially on point for me. I was misdiagnosed with lymphoedema months before they discovered it was Congestive Heart Failure the year following chemo treatments and radiation. I am now living with CHF on five medications for it. Please take symptoms of shortness of breath and swollen legs, feet, and ankles very seriously. A good cardiologist can literally save your life.

Now I can monitor myself because I know what to look for. And I get the least thing checked out. Better safe than sorry. I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with CHF issues. Thank goodness you eventually received an accurate diagnosis though. Better safe than sorry, you are so right about that. Thank you for commenting and participating. It is very important indeed. This sounds like a great book! I do think our society is much less aware about heart disease in women. I think that paradigm is changing, although ever so slowly. Doctors and patients need to know the symptoms of heart attacks in men AND women.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Click on image to buy on Amazon. Why would I want to review a book about heart disease? Maybe so.

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This is just reality. Why does this matter? Why a book specific to women and heart disease?

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Thomas compares her heart attack experience to a stressful move to a foreign country: I moved far, far away to a different country. Anyone relate? Whether you are a heart patient or a breast cancer patient, sitting on that exam table with your chest exposed countless times while being examined, poked and prodded, means you are far too often in a vulnerable state, and as Thomas states: Courtesy and good manners in medicine should not be too much to expect.

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May 22, Welcome to Magistra Mommy! My name is Kelli, and I am the magistra Latin for 'teacher' and mommy of our homeschooling family of five which embraces the classical model of home education. The Disney Parks Moms Panel an online forum where everyday people share helpful tips and vacation planning advice for your next Disney adventure.

I'm glad you're here! I love desserts!

Most of my blog is probably full of sweets. I have two wonderful children, Aiden and Brielle, and an incredibly supportive and hardworking husband. Initially, I enjoyed sharing my life as a parent with the world.