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JAMES GLANZ Of Physics, Friendship and Nazi Germany's Atomic Bomb and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project, A Study in German Culture Werner Heisenberg, a German theoretical physicist, proposed in

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Derick said in August that it was a misconception that they don't believe in birth control. But it's also one of several hints that Jill and Derick's family may turn out looking more like the average, with just a few kids instead of two baseball teams' worth. In fact, they're already breaking from what Jill was raised with by hinting that they use birth control. In August, Derick shared his marriage tips, which included having sex at least five to six times a week — another reason his wife Jill might be so tired. Each Christian family should follow God's leading for their own family, regarding when and how many kids to have.

Glove-less love: Jill's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have spoken out against birth control. Open door policy: The two used birth control early in their marriage but Michelle claims she experienced a miscarriage while taking it. Huge: They went on to repeatedly reproduce, having 19 kids in all The family is pictured in It's worth noting that Derick didn't explicitly say that he and Jill use birth control or family planning of any kind, just that they never said they were against it.

And while it's true that they had never said they don't believe in birth control, Jill's parents certainly have. Jim Bob and Michelle have been very outspoken against birth control of all kinds, and it was assumed that their adult children had all followed in their footsteps. Michelle has claimed she got pregnant while on the Pill, and it resulted in a miscarriage. After that, they decided to leave family planning up to God, having as many children as He saw fit to give them.

But Jill — who had two difficult deliveries with four-year-old Israel and two-year-old Samuel — may not be following that path.

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Fertile ground! While Jill might be keen to limit how many kids she has, several of her siblings are breeding quickly. Big brood: Josh's wife Anna is expecting child number six with Josh in November. All pink everything: Lauren Duggar, wife of Josiah, is also pregnant and expecting in November. Girls girls girls! Joe and Kendra have a second child on the way, a little sister for their son. Big news! Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo so far only have one child, a daughter named Felicity.

Expanding: John David and his wife Abbie are also expecting their first, who will be born next year.

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She gave birth to her youngest in July , and said in an Instagram video uploaded this summer that she is not pregnant again. Sticking to just two kids, or even having just a couple more, will certainly set her apart from many of her siblings, several of whom are well on their way to big broods.

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Her oldest brother Josh, 31 — who molested four of his younger siblings as a teenager and later admitted to adultery — is already expecting his sixth with wife Anna, Sister Joy Anna, 21, and Jinger, 25, each have one child, while brother Josiah, 24, and his wife Lauren, 20, and brother John, 29, and his wife Abbie, 26, are each expecting their first. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. In extreme cases it can lead to suicidal thoughts.

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Source: NHS Choices. Share or comment on this article: Jill Duggar shares parenting stress on Instagram as kids cause chaos e-mail Comments Share what you think. View all. A few times characters will mention that they see women being raped, i. Similarly, the TV series "includes" that Gregor's men such as Polliver are raping women in enemy villages throughout the Riverlands, primarily by mentioning it in dialogue, but not by including a ten to twenty minute long montage of scenes in which the camera shows women being raped in graphic detail - which would be quite a major change from how Martin presented rape in the novels, which was generally to tell the reader that it happened but not to show it by actively describing it moment by moment in graphic, live narration.

Some of the examples in this list do "show" women being raped in passing , i.

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Lollys Stokeworth was gang-raped during the riot in the novels and became pregnant; as she was not introduced until Season 5 of the TV series, she wasn't raped in the TV continuity. The young Jaime Lannister was horrified at how the Mad King savagely and repeatedly raped his own wife, Queen Rhaella. The Riverlands have been reduced to a burned out wasteland by the War of the Five Kings: terror tactics included burning entire villages, torturing and killing all the men and raping many of the local women.

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  4. Arya about to kill Polliver in the Season 4 premiere, who had been boasting about how he and Gregor's other soldiers had been pillaging the Riverlands, burning out villages and raping local women. In the novels, after the Battle of Castle Black two of Stannis's men are caught raping wildling warrior-women who surrendered - Stannis promptly has both men publicly hanged, as he will have discipline in his army.

    This was cut from the TV series. The castration of thousands of young boys to make them Unsullied warrior-eunuchs, such as Grey Worm , is a form of sexual assault. A gelding knife employed by Ramsay Snow. The props department based it on the design of real medieval gelding knives.

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    One of Ramsay Bolton 's favorite hobbies is to hunt women for sport with his dogs, rape them, flay them, then kill them. Roose Bolton explains to his bastard son Ramsay, who has raped dozens of women, that he is himself the product of a rape that Roose committed in his youth. You murdered her! You killed her children! Freeze-frame clearly reveals that Lena Headey is embracing the back of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's head to lean in for a kiss - indicating the actors were never instructed to play it as a non-consensual rape scene.

    This was hidden by odd camerawork and editing. Multiple reviewers and websites were very confused and upset by the sex scene between Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister in the Great Sept of Baelor in this episode - saying that it was apparently portraying Jaime raping Cersei. These ranged from io9 and the A. What made this all the more confusing is that the sexual encounter between Jaime and Cersei in this scene in the books is presented as consensual.

    The TV writers were slow to respond to such massive outcry, and what few statements they did make were very vague, leaving reviewers and critics even more confused and to draw their own conclusions. As the premiere of Season 5 neared, it became obvious that the implication that Jaime was raping Cersei was never intended by the writers, not in the script, and purely the result of unusual camerawork and editing.

    Both the actors and director have publicly stated that they were never told this was intended as a rape scene nor did they play it as such. This is confirmed by closer freeze-frame analysis of the footage, in which Lena Headey is clearly leaning in to consensually kiss Coster-Waldau in several freeze-frame shots. Even George R. Martin wasn't informed that the scriptwriters ever intended such a massive change. Therefore, throughout the " Game of Thrones TV continuity" as documented in Game of Thrones Wiki , Jaime and Cersei are considered, in-canon, to be having disturbing, rough, angry sex next to their own son's corpse - but consensual sex.

    While the scene as-aired is misleading, after analysis of subsequent comments by the actors and director, freeze-frame analysis, and the scriptwriters' conspicuous avoidance of even discussing it, it is blatantly obvious that this was not intended as a rape scene.

    It is unknown why HBO did not simply re-edit and re-release the episode as soon as possible as has been done in the past in Season 1 and it is unknown if the scene will ever be remastered and fixed in the future. The exterior of Craster's Keep , showing Gilly - one of Craster 's daughter-wives that he impregnated. The wildling Craster incestuously marries his many daughters , who in turn produce more daughters. He is considered a disgusting and godless man by both the Night's Watch and the other wildlings, but the Watch has to grudgingly tolerate him because he's one of the few wildlings willing to give their scouts shelter in the dangerous lands beyond the Wall.

    His wives don't resist him because they have lived in terror of him for years. Generally this is presented in the TV series the way it is in the novels neither includes actual sex scenes between Craster and his daughter-wives, though it is discussed. Rast a convicted raper who was exiled to the Wall as punishment, but later joined the mutiny against Mormont and went rogue at Craster's Keep. They then take over Craster's Keep , feasting on his winter food stores and raping his many daughter-wives. The Mutineers are primarily criminals who were sent to the Watch as punishment, led by Karl Tanner a professional cut-throat and Rast a convicted raper.

    The mutiny itself more or less occurred this way in the novels, though the TV series condensed many minor Night's Watch characters together: "Karl Tanner" and "Rast" are condensations of several ill-reputed recruits in the Watch, some of whom are indeed rapers. Samwell Tarly and Craster's daughter-wife Gilly flee in the confusion.